Because of its very nature, Western Canadian cedar has a unique beauty. Each piece can show variations in shade, grain and hue, and this adds to the unique beauty of each wooden solarium. In the manufacturing process of its solariums, Verriere design give particular attention to wood details so that your solarium may be at its best. In our plants, the cedar is given special treatment and preparation. Once assembled by our expert craftsmen, the Western Canadian cedar displays an unmatched and unique beauty. Choosing cedar means getting a combination of beauty and durability. It is also getting the following advantages:
  • low density and shrinking level
  • exceptional thermal insulation value
  • natural protection against mildew, rotting and damage from insects
  • lasting beauty and protection from the sun, the rain, heat and cold
  • superior anti-warping stability
  • great resistance to bad weather


While it is light, aluminum is also very sturdy. A structure made of aluminum alloy will suit any style and can be harmoniously combined with glass. The aluminum used by Solarium Servitech comes from the 'aluminum valley' in the Lac Saint-Jean region.
  • Lasting quality
  • Sturdiness respecting the standards of the industry
  • Combines beautifully with glass


Compared to most of our competitors who only offer 2 or 3 types of glass, Verriere Design offers a wide selection of more than 25 types of high performance glassincluding its latest addition with a R-15 isolation factor, an exclusive product specially manufactured for Verriere Design by a Toronto firm and for which the company has exclusivity across Quebec and Canada.